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Employment Opportunities

 with Family Facets


New Opportunities For Employment With Family Facets Staff

New employment opportunities to become a part of the Family Facets family arise regularly through promotions, new program implementation and resignations.  Family Facets maintains a New Applicants registry of qualified persons seeking employment with Family Facets.

Present Position Openings at Family Facets:



For Columbia Business Office.

Bookkeeper provides data entry and basic bookkeeping services to the Family Facets Business Office.  Full time position.  Basic bookkeeping experience or education required.  $26,765.00/yr, with adjustment for advanced related experience.  Basic Windows computer experience.  Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and QuickBooks experience preferred.  Training on Family Facets systems provided.


Family Facets Employment Application

A Family Facets Employment Application may be downloaded by right clicking on:

Family Facets Employment Application

You may also want to download and submit the following form:

CM-7 Contract Data form

Completed (and signed) Family Facets Employment Applications, accompanied by a Cover Letter, Contract Data form CM-7, and a Resume (all four documents are needed), may be mailed to:

Human Resources Manager

Family Facets

P. O. Box 1662

Columbia, MO 65205

Family Facets Employment Applications, Cover Letters, Contract Data form CM-7, and Resumes (all four documents are needed) may also be sent as email attachments to:

HRManager@FamilyFacets.com, with a cc to:  FamilyFacets@FamilyFacets.com

Inquiries may be made to the Human Resources Department at:

Family Facets Human Resources Manager

Postal Address: P. O. Box 1662, Columbia, MO 65205

Telephone: 573-886-7422

Fax: 573-814-1557

Toll Free Fax: 1-877-215-7155



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