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Drivers Safety Training


Family Facets has implemented a Drivers Safety Training program for Family Facets Staff drivers.  The Drivers Safety Training program is contained in the Family Facets Personell Manual, Policy B-1A, Company Car Policy, sub-section 9 Drivers Training & Certification.  All staff members assigned a Family Facets Company Car must complete at least one online Family Facets driver training as described below, or another approved Drivers Training course.


The Drivers Safety Training program incorporates a wide series of online video presentations about numerous driving safety issues, which are developed and published in conjunction with our vehicle insurance carrier.  The video presentation are presented by accessing Drivers Safety Resources, below.

(Note:  These videos will not display using Internet Explorer, and must be viewed using a mobile app, or Edge Chromium.)


Drivers Safety Resources at https://www.auto-owners.com/insurance/loss-control/safety-resources

(hint: Right click on this link, and Open it in a separate window.)

User Name:  maccinainc@auto-owners.com

Password:     safety1 (all lower case)

  Select: ‘My Courses’ and

Click on ‘Library’ to view videos, then Click on ‘Transportation Safety’


Click on ‘History’ for a listing of Recently watched videos’

There are numerous videos contained at this online location which cover a wide variety of vehicles and driving situations.


The Videos which are specifically applicable to Family Facets Assigned Car Drivers are:

Defensive Driving Rules of the Road (20 min)   SKU: 2996

Driving Safety: The Basics (20 min)   SKU: 3218

10-4 Defensive Driving (10 min)   SKU: 3650

Driving Defensively (27 min)   SKU: 3219

Intersections (4 min)   SKU: 3648

Driving Safety, Distracted Driving, Road Rage, (20 min)   SKU: 3647S

Aggressive Driving and Road Rage (11 min)   SKU: 3599

Multi Passenger Van Safety, Drowsy Driving, Safe Arriving & Unloading (17 min)   SKU: 3403

Texting & Driving, The Facts (8 min)   SKU: 2930

Distracted Driving: Making the Correct Choice (12 min)   SKU: 2893

Drowsy Driving: It’s Your Wake-Up Call (20 min)   SKU: 2844

Defensive Driving Techniques – Basic Training (19 min)   SKU: 2821

Driving in Extreme Weather Conditions (15 min)   SKU: 2778

Defensive Driving Techniques – Your Ticket to Safety (20 min)   SKU: 2751



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