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Staff Profiles

Contact Family Facets Staff

All Family Facets Staff may be contacted at their email address:  Email To Family Facets Staff


Executive Director

Sheila C. Searfoss, is the Executive Director & President of Family Facets.


Family Facets Program Staff

Family Facets Staff profiles are also listed in the Staff section of each Program Site.

Program Services


Intensive In-home Services (IIS) Staff Profiles

Program Field Director:  Jane Kranichfield

Program Field Director:  Bonnie Washeck

Program Field Director:  Judi Lutz

Program Field Director:  Sharon Shafiq

IIS Supervisors

Yolanda Hudson             Danielle tenBruggencate   Carla Sheppard

Andrea Burns                 vacant                

Dawn Tooth                   Judi Lutz

Heavin Horn                   Sam Semonis                   Jill Knaup

John Griffin                     Judy Scherer                    Jessica Bishop

IIS Specialists

Wenona Tompkins          Megan Ford                    Kristy Bush

Lisa Brumley                   Alexander, Jonnetta         Jomar Robinson

Suzann Boothe                Kimberly Long                 Robin Cole

Phillip Hardin                   Andrea Immel                 Vichie Oche David

Jessie Mapp                    Heather Graham              Jacqueline Smothers

Candice Smith                 Nicole Williams                Julie Chavis 

Deborah Beste                 Paige Sanders                 Chris Wibberg

Crystal Gilbert                  Sarah Bennett

Janaire Seye                     Sierra Smith

Candy Bothwell               Trannie DeCou                Jessica Heany

Amber Burkhead             Mary Tower

RaDonna Nickell              Glen Gaither

Casey Thatcher                Jeanette Luttrell               Lynetta Viana

Susan Gamble                  Megan Wagner               Greg Turner

Chad Duncan                   Cori Stewart                   Amy Weyrauch

Jamie McCoy                  Mary McBride                 Dawn Henningsen

Cindy Myers                    Abeba Lakew

Annette Schien                 Heather McAlpine

Abby Cummings               Jessica Dixon

Shelly Huck                      Erica Mazurkiewicz

Natalie Eller                      Leah Graves

Jennifer Aubin                   Michelle Brown

Rhonda Bailey                  Alicia Ott

Cathy Bess

Glenda Wilcox                 Jonathan LePage              Whitney Benscoter

Stacey Walsh                   Jessica Galeazzi

Bertina Markworth           Kim Ream

Bernice Hamilton              Stephanie Thomas                   

Jerry Lindsey                    Debra Wethington

Crystal Harris                   Deb Moore

Terri Hattenhauer              Rosemary Overbey

Mechelle Banks


Chafee Foster Care Independence Program services (CFCIP) Staff Profiles

CFCIP Supervisors

Kim Crawford

CFCIP Advisors

Candy Barton                   Annette Schien

Eddie Wilson                    Natalie Eller

Stephanie Shaw

Family Centered Services Consulting & Meeting Program (FCS) Staff Profiles

Family Centered Services, Program Director

Sheila Searfoss,

Family Centered Services, Consultant & Meetings Service Providers

Jane Kranichfield, Masters

Janice Hoaglin

Rachel Bailey, Masters

Heavin Horn, Masters

Danielle tenBruggencate, Masters

Andrea Burns, Masters

Sam Semonis, Masters

Therapy Staff Profiles

Clinical Director

Sheila C. Searfoss, MS, LPC

Therapists, Columbia

Rachel Bailey, MSW, LMSW

Andrea Burns, MSW, LCSW

Bethy Foreman, MEd, Counseling

Louis Gatewood, LPC

Suzanne Cary, MSW, LCSW

Melissa Rogers, MSW, LMSW

Whitani Beck, M.Ed, Counseling, PLPC

Morgan Jones, MSW, LMSW

Therapists, Sedalia

Jane Kranichfield, MSW, LCSW

Therapists, St Louis

Danielle tenBruggencate, MA, PLPC

Heavin Horn, MA, LPC, St Charles

Megan Ford, MS Counseling

Sam Semonis, MS Counseling, PLPC

Children’s Treatment Services (CTS) Staff Profiles

CTS Parent Aide Services (PRAD)

Jackie Cody

Lisa Hine

Paige Sanders


CTS Family Assistance Services (FMAS)


CTS Parent Education Program Services (PECB)


Trainings Staff Profiles


Sheila C. Searfoss

Janice Hoaglin

Dr. W. James Lutz

Jane Kranichfield

Dr. Sharon Shafiq

Judi Lutz

Administrative Support Staff Profiles

Associate Director of Operations:  Melissa Selsor

Human Resources Manager:  Angela Kent

Intake-Referral Coordinator:  Melissa Selsor

Therapy Program Manager:  Melissa Selsor

Employment Opportunities

Persons interested in becoming a part of the Family Facets family will find information concerning employment openings with Family Facets by clicking on Employment Opportunities.


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