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Family Facets provides Intensive In-home Services, Family Reunification Services, Chafee Foster Care Independence Program services, Foster Care-Adoption Resources services, Learning Lab Workshops, Training, Consulting and Family Meeting Activities services, and Training & Development Services for IIS and IFRS, to the Missouri Children’s Division and to private vendors. Mission, Visions, & Goals




Family Facets is committed to the belief that the best place for a child to grow up is in a family. All children should be safe from abuse and neglect. Child safety includes protecting children from harm, preventing further abuse/neglect, and reducing the risks to their safety or well-being.
Family Facets' overriding goal is the protection of children through the enhancement of family capabilities. Safety of all family members is the concern of Family Facets; however, safety of the child is the primary consideration.







Contact Information, Telephone: 573-886-7422, or contact Family Facets by email:

For more information, email us at:   FamilyFacets@FamilyFacets.com

For Therapy Referrals, email us at:  Therapy@FamilyFacets.com

For other Referrals, email us at:        IntakeReferrals@FamilyFacets.com

        -or - fax Referrals toll free to:   877-215-7155

Current employment opportunities with Family Facets:  Employment Opportunities.

A Family of Friends


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